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Our Projects-alhamraworld
Our Projects

1.. Aleemsoft

Aleemsoft is our software development project.Engaged in providing software development services to businesses like Print and Electronic Media,Education,Health,Manufacturing,Whole sale/Retail,Real Estate,Security and Pharmaceuticals.
2.. Alhamra Group

Alhamra group project is dealing with Printing & Publishing related Creative Art ,Graphic Designing and Ads communication Services.
3.. An hrs stay

An hrs stay project is all about human life activities and acheivements in the fields of Play,Games,Entertainment,Beauty, Multiplication of Wealth and Power with special emphasis on the short life span of humans.

4.. The World of Products and Services

The World of Products and Services project is all about products and services offered by businesses and organisations of the world.Providing platform for Consumers/Users to share their concerns and views about the products and services for the improvements of the products and services.

5.. Stock Investment Services

Our Stock Investment Services project is to provide investors deep industry-wide analysis and investment guidance, both for long term and short term investments.